Wedding dress

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Wedding dress

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Wedding dress

Wedding dress

Unique wedding dress selection is the most fashionable

Wedding dress

Wedding dress

Wedding dress

Wedding dress

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Wedding dress

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Wedding dress

Wedding dress

Wedding dress

Wedding dress


Photos will film series ‼ into fairies know the ~ of the bun💫
I recommend fairy wind this time
Wedding dress: fairy dress/white first choice
Location: forest/green plants/park
Makeup look: fresh natural summer energy makeup feeling
Skirt: min xiaolin’s original Jenny Packham tulle skirt
The good taste of the little crowd
It is recommended to choose the super clean one
From makeup look to wedding dress collocation includes choose scene later period should match good
The whole looks clean and fresh and free from vulgarity feeling
Wear a wedding dress
A very pretty little sister
The feeling of the girl next door
Really is the first love face ah envy this kind of face
It is recommended that you can shoot the wind similar to the mori style
Take a set of such wedding photos can be said to be a fairy down to earth
Call me crazy…unique
Wedding dress,
Little sister took a lot of mobile phone ads and stuff
There are some micro films video
Everybody has seen it
Wear a wedding dress, marry love
Beauty is like a fairy tale fairy tale
Have the prince hahahahahaha😂
Personal favorite, recommended to take wedding photos can also reference.
Photos come from the Internet.
Wedding dress


Wear it once a week! All your favorite autumn/winter outfits are here

Haven’t seen you for a long time!

Wedding dress

The weather is getting cold unique

This time I put in a lot of sweaters and small coats very practical for this season~Wedding dressThis time, everything is my favorite💕. There are many colors and styles, and they are both exquisite inside and out. unique

So don’t talk too much. Come and see it with me~

Wedding dress

(✅ international practice: Po height 168 cm weight 45 kg (secretly long two jins🤦‍♀️)

🍊LOOK :unique

Wedding dress

The garment is a must-have item for the season change. The haze is blue, which is leaking out in white. The pair of chic pants are made of velvet fabric. 💯Match with the same color woollen hat for a warm feeling unique

🍊LOOK :unique

Wedding dress

This collocation is gentle girl at a glance ~ 👧the high waist of knit skirt and open a fork very show leg long jacket is the wool overcoat that is the same as skirt color department blue sweater is raised bright collocation makes whole match tone do not break characteristic again proposal to match light gray pantyhose! ✨ ✨

🍊LOOK :unique

Wedding dress

This windbreaker is my favorite windbreaker. You can wear it with either a pleated skirt or skinny jeans up to the length of your lower leg. It’s great with this year’s leopard hats🐆

🍊LOOK :unique

Wedding dress

The first time I found a short windbreaker was also nice! Plaid small outerwear profile version of super positive ~ inside with a white small high collar with a very gentle skirt with a fork very careful color is beautiful dirty orange color this whole tone is very autumn and winter and air texture ~🍁🍂


This is what 🤩 fairy filter! Who USES whose beauty retro hazy feeling one key get!

Before Yang mi in the film festival a group of photos do not know you have seen,

retro hazy tone, a bit of Hong Kong wind feeling, it is beautiful crying! 😭

Today home gentleman found the method that can P gives the same effect!

Wedding dressMust give sweet potatoes amway this treasure filter!

❤ key software: Soft focus (free!)

It is to make that mysterious gentle hazy feeling! Interface and operation are super simple,

everyone can learn ~

1️⃣wind effect (superposition snapseed)

1. Soft focus to adjust the haze

2. Snapseed charm halo 4 color (you can adjust it according to your preference)

Another important thing is 😉to take them when the weather is good. Some sun will hit your face,

which will make your skin look good! The light at dusk will be more retro

The super retro photo is coming!

This effect can also be achieved with common snapseed

【Choose to charm the halo 】

the halo ➕ to 85, saturation ➖ 20, 35,

warm color attune ➕ port must have this kind of fuzzy feeling is the wind,

it’s very lasting appeal.

The final step is to strengthen particles ❗ (to get Yang mi with effect to add this step)

【 Choose, coarse film 】  granularity ➕ 25, pattern intensity is zero is ok ~

2️⃣ moonlight at night

Just two apps (calla and soft focus)

🧚‍♀️The first step is to bring the photo into calla using calla’s S1 filter,

which is sort of a retro filter that saves the waste

🧚 ‍ ♀ second step turn with calla good photo import soft focus,

make the hazy effect that oneself like. The main thing is to adjust tint appropriately,

and the hazy purple color is the essence of this retro filter!

3️⃣foolish girl

Don’t worry about this filter becoming mature!

Actually French girl feeling also very applicable! Present a very beautiful atmosphere ~

Use vsco for color mixing and soft focus for blurring.

⭕Vsco toning note an HSL parameters,

I only adjust the orange and green, orange saturation reduce can let a person skin to bleach

(applicable to all photos)

The green that attune is not so cold as original graph,

original graph can be closer the feeling of midsummer, this can adjust according to individual be fond of.

With soft to focus hazy feeling ⚠ the bottom three parameters don’t have to move,

just adjust the blur and lightness two parameters

Want a piece of daylighting to compare good photograph above all,

I choose to be in commonly afternoon window photograph,

photograph comes out daylighting is super good!

Then use soft focus to add a little bit of haze,

you are the gentle little white rabbit fairy!! 🐰🧚🏻‍♀️

Super simple p diagram method everyone learned?

No matter what photo added this effect will be super beautiful oh ~ hurry to try it!

Wedding dress