【Wedding dress control】 very beautiful wedding dress

【Wedding dress control】 very beautiful wedding dress

Love and being loved, which one is happier, actually depends on the choice of the person

to treat. Choose the one you love. Don’t make love to him or her less just because you’ve

got it. And the person who has chosen to love himself should treat the love that belongs

to him with heart more, learn to love the other party, then can truly have happiness

When you are sad, hold back your sadness and smile.

In this world, some roads must be faced by one person, one person to trek.

The overlapping times, blooming as lotus, those gardenia in full bloom, like a never old


Those beautiful wedding dress which lets the person suffocate, the love has never only

two kinds of ending, either different path, or the same destination. Love is a person’s

affair, a person’s obligatory, a person’s cold and warm oneself know, a person’s day and

wasteland old, have nothing to do with others.

Wedding dress is actually a woman bottom of the bottom of the heart the most warm the

most tender feelings of the dream, in the woman’s heart the deepest quietly dormant,

waiting for a gust of wind at any time, until blowing heart swaying, blowing wedding

dress skirt go with the wind.

The flow of years is tepid; The people around me, they get on and off; Wandering heart,

do not want to drift, just want to stay in your love, to give you a lifetime of happiness,

happiness is always sweet.

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