Love is not the end, companionship is the destination.

Before the age of 25, you must learn to add, add rich experience and connotation; after 25 years old, you

should gradually reduce the method, minus impetuous and sophisticated. Free, follow the edge, not
over the moment.


The connection between people is like an electrocardiogram. Maybe one day, when you open a circle of
friends, you can only see a horizontal line.


If you owe someone, there will be another person going back. If someone owes you, another person will
return it to you. Whatever you do to someone, whether it is hurt or paid, there will always be another
person to repay or retaliate. At different nodes of the time, the ruthlessness and passionateness of life,
the unrelenting feelings and the insults, in general, are balanced.companionship


The way adults end a relationship is not a quarrel and a collapse, but an alienation. Even if the mind has
already been a thousand horses, on the surface it is still quietly talking to you about today’s wear.


Love is not the end, companionship is the destination.companionship


The essence of the three views is not the concept is not correct, but the character is not right, the person
is not good, always with his own interests as the core.companionship


Between people, right and wrong can be argued, but indifference makes people have nothing to do.



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One thought on “Love is not the end, companionship is the destination.

  1. 飞跃Linda

    This article is very good and I like it very much. I am still twenty-five years old, and I can enjoy a good free time before then. Prepare for the most important moments in your future life.


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