“Wearing the textbook” Tan Songyun twisted the bus on the streets of Paris!

“This year’s Spring and Summer Fashion Week ended with the end of the National Day holiday. Everyone knows that this time the florist with YOKA is a beautiful flower, Tan Songyun. In addition to work and watching, Miss Sister is in the street of the romantic capital. For the “Street Shooter”, the hot and fashionable blockbuster will be released soon!”

Simple cowboy style

In the spring and summer, if you are a cool girl who likes the simple style, you can choose Tan Songyun’s body to wear, simple and generous cut, neat and stylish.

tan songyun

On the streets of Paris, Tan is the incarnation of a small, fresh street shooter, wearing a sleeveless denim dress, with a red heart-shaped small satchel, small and exquisite, cute and playful.

tan songyun

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The over-the-knee dress is more tall and tall, and the Martin boots are more long-legged. The color on the booties echoes the color on the bag. The overall shape has bright spots, and the vibrant red color just brightens the overall color. Standing on the streets of Paris, it is just a vitality girl.

Pink warm wind

Doesn’t every girl refuse the pink of the girl’s heart?

tan songyun

Red watch: ENICAR pink sweater: CHLOSIO pink pants: PINKO

The pink sweater with pink wide-leg pants, how the color of a whole body powder is so advanced in Tan Songyun? The pattern of small red lips on the sweater is very energetic and fun.

tan songyun

Bathed in the warm sunshine of Paris, Miss Tan Songyun is more energetic, especially the pink high-waist trousers, making the small waist more fine.

A girl with a small size must not be afraid to challenge high-waist wide-leg pants. It will not only be very temperament, but also really taller!

Urban modern fan

tan songyun

Tan Songyun belongs to the color-matching series. The upper white loose sweater is quite simple, the puff sleeves are cute and playful, and the sweaters of this color and style are very versatile in spring or autumn. If you think the color is too clean, then you can use a color-mixed hip-small skirt to light up the shape, just like Miss Tan Songyun.

tan songyun

White Sweater: CHLOSIO Purple Flower Half Skirt: CHLOSIO Golden High Heels: Jimmy Choo Bag: PECO
There is a saying that is good, since ancient times, red and blue cp~ is actually in the fashion circle. The combination of red and blue is very mirrored. For example, Tan Songyun’s stitching color handbag, simple geometry is composed of different color blocks. Simple atmosphere, but also very young girl.

The cowboy is a versatile classic, and its fashion sense is also very strong. It also often becomes a magic weapon for fashionable people! With a dress, a combination of handsome and gentle, mix and match a very fashionable feeling. As long as it is simply draped over the shoulder, there is a very feel.

Can you still be satisfied with the street shooter of the “Tan editor” on the streets of Paris? In the warm sunshine, the dynamic girl, the modern fashionistas and the refreshing simple little woman, each set of LOOK has a bright spot, wearing the right is the most beautiful scenery on the street. In life, Tan Songyun is also a very! meeting! wear! Street beats small people!

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