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Whether it is a wedding photo or a wedding ceremony, we all hope that our wedding dress is the most beautiful and beautiful, and I hope that I am the most beautiful bride. So how do we choose the wedding dress that suits you?
1. Selection of wedding styles
In the happiest moment of my life, who does not want to present his most beautiful side and survive
forever. But how to choose a suitable wedding dress seems to be a headache for others. If you want to
pick it up well, you have to make your wedding dress with a body. Choose a wedding dress once in a
lifetime, to show your own traits and personality, and to cover up the shortcomings and deficiencies.

2. The choice of wedding color

The wedding dress is not necessarily pure white. It is required that the bride’s body is even white with
the headgear. It started in the Victorian era. At that time, white represents happiness, but later it
strengthened the meaning of holiness and loyalty, and the woman who remarried could not Wearing a
pure white wedding dress, it has formed a lofty position of pure white wedding dress. Prior to this,
Greece also used “white” as the most commonly used color in the bride’s dress, but it was not strictly
white to the whole body; in ancient Rome, the bride would wear a yellow veil: the Chinese tradition was
a red auspicious auspicious sign; At the beginning of the 20th century, the silver wedding dress was a
show of the royal family’s distinguished status. It can be seen that the wedding dress is suitable for its
“color”. There is no special requirement to wear a pure white wedding dress. As the world trend
continues to change, in addition to pure white, ivory, beige and other traditional colors, wedding
dresses have become popular in recent years, such as pink, pink orange, pink blue, pink purple, pink
green and light silver gray, very Soft and pleasing to the eye; if you dare to try, dark green, red, dark
purple, decorated on a pink wedding dress, forming a strong color of the dress, the effect is very special;
as for the most popular, of course, ivory or pure white wedding dress, affixed Pink silk flowers and
butterflies to add color. In fact, the color of the wedding dress is not very important, the most
prerequisite is to match the color of the bride. Orientals have a deep and yellowish complexion.
Wearing a white wedding dress will look dull. Wearing ivory will be more harmonious and natural.
Pink, pink and yellow skin can’t be coordinated. Instead, pink and pink can match the yellowish
complexion. As for the whiteness of the skin, or the bronze skin, wearing pure white will look good,
especially the latter, the tuxedo will have a different brilliance.

3. Other factors in wedding dress selection

One thing to note is that if you are in a church wedding, don’t wear an over-the-top wedding dress. This
is a disrespectful performance of the clergy, especially in some rituals. The newcomer wants to kneel
down. Like before, it is ridiculous to disrespect the church too much. Please note that the tail of the
wedding dress is to use a long tail or a short tail, which is often subject to external environmental
factors. If you are at the church, there is a tail to look good, but the flower girl must be older or not
enough to pick up the tail for the bride, or even be tripped; the float is another problem, because the
tens of feet of trailing, the ordinary car is fundamental Can’t let go, even if it’s barely squeezed into a
ball, the long tail will wrinkle after getting off the bus, it’s not very elegant; in addition, the general
street is not very clean, so the bride is wearing a three-foot to five-foot tail, which is enough.
There is another problem that plagues the brides. Is it good to rent a wedding dress or buy a wedding
dress yourself? It depends on the bride himself, and it has to be decided according to his own


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