“Ten march cool” the world December full, how come thirteen of the number, left a lot of stars full sky


I’ve heard a few stories and I want to tell you something

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The story is very long

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December in the world

What number is thirteen

The sky was full of stars

Tell the story of twins

Twins, born at the same time, are different lives.

She’s a sister. She’s a warbler.

In a ruined temple, she met him: “rong xun”

Since then, I have been on a road of no return.

Rongxun: you’re called yingge? Well, if you’re going to have a sister, isn’t that a swallow dance?

This is too bad, today is the twelfth lunar month, the moon is full in the sky, you change to be called thirteen.

Thirteen, for me, grow up quickly, become the sharpest knife.

Ten years later…

Jonxon: do this last thing for me again, and you shall be free from henceforth.

Yingge (shuddering in his voice) : did you think that killers were heartless, jonxun?

How could you have no heart? I put my heart in your place, but where did you throw my heart?

Into the… Where? I always want to ask, so many years, I am in your heart what?

Rong xun: you have been doing very well, niang, the rong family, the best knife.

She went into the palace instead of the brocade bird and met him.

Yung yuan: who taught you that you should never say a word when your leg is broken?

Yingge (grunt) : HMM..

Rongyuan: brocade finch, cry out.

Yingge more and more cry……

Yung yuan: ok, here I am.


Yung yuan: do you know what the king’s love is?

Yingge (tone indifferent) : rain and dew all sa, ze Po cangsheng.

Yung yuan: I am different from them.

He took her hunting, but because of lost road, is always worse, they met the beast.

Yung yuan: what did the knife rob do so quickly? The only thing you need to do is hide behind me!

Stuffy hum…

The sword in hand can not hold any more, fall on the ground…

Warbler: poison… Poison. Poison in that paw

They were found in the palace, convalescing…

Rongyuan: small dice an red bean, (gentle smile) you send my dice to do what?

Yingge: you don’t know?

Yung yuan (very calm) I don’t know.

Yingge: (with some annoyance) don’t you know?

Yung yuan (smiles) : no one has dared to speak to me in this way, you wait for me to get well…

Yingge (laughs to interrupt) : how do you want to get up? I’m waiting for you to get up. Get it over with.

He knew from the beginning that she was not a brocade bird, but he still liked her.

It took him three days to fall in love with her, but it took her ten years to forget him.

He’s dead, and she’s mad.

Blood and the dust of the coffin

Yingge: linglong dice an red beans, love to know if you.

Yung yuan, I said, you die, I will accompany you.

Yung yuan, I finally saw you. (voice on coffin)

the story

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