If it hurts, cry

cry When it hurts, you cry! There is still love in heaven

In this way, put the headphones plug in your ear, listen to the familiar melody,

don’t want to talk, just want to quietly listening to music,

walking on the playground in the afternoon, enjoy the lazy sunshine in the body,

hope in the warm sunshine, 45 degrees strange want to find a quiet corner of the room,

don’t be too big, as long as can hold his small body, let oneself hard to preserve oneself,

comfortable cry, it’s not melodramatic, also is not like Lin daiyu sadness,

this is just because of the pain. So if it hurts, cry it out.


Now we are no longer easy tears, do not know is already numb, or already numb. Even if the pain,

also strong! Yan! Huan! Smile! But, can not, if the pain, cry out! When? We learned not to cry.

I don’t think we remember that answer. Because, no longer crying has been a rule,

even in the extreme pain, we are just blindly sneer, because we always think,

there is too much ridicule, sarcasm, in the waiting for our tears spread across the cheek,

all of them to return to us. So, we learned to resist the urge to tears, the eyes of fog,

inch by inch of strong pressure, from the bottom of the heart slowly flow out,

mixed with those red blood, drop by drop, in the heart painted a “blood picture”. Pain,

in the heart of the spread, like a knife in the strangulation, almost painful suffocation,

but we have to be strong.

I don’t know why, sometimes I want to get drunk. Sometimes I want to go crazy,

sometimes I want to sing a song Delusional to the present pain press the “pause key”,

forget all the troubles, remove all camouflage, return to an innocent we! We are fragile and stupid,

but that’s who we are! So if it hurts, cry it out!

All of a sudden, I want to go back to my old self, that silly self. I bite my fingers and flow “saliva”,

and watch the kids eat lollipops with envy. Hiding behind his father,

a small head was exposed, excited and scared, he wanted to know the new friend in front of him.

Riding on his father’s shoulder, the happy swagger, but accidentally spread a bubble of urine,

the father suddenly became a big reprimand, crying heartbreak, indulging. At that time,

I never care about other people’s eyes, but whether they cry comfortable, now,

we have already pitifully forgotten to cry.

Perhaps, we have been used to, a real me, tightly, deeply buried, buried in the Sahara desert,

not to give others the opportunity to touch, including the poor themselves,

but a familiar themselves in front of others. The pain was too great, but he could not speak.

He bit his lips tightly until the blood ran out. Look up at the sky,

the tears flow back to the eye socket, and then “smile 100 mei sheng smile”,

this smile, only oneself know, expended oneself how much strength. Such life, is not too bitter and too tired, afraid of hurting others, you love, or love you, afraid of them worried,

afraid of bad feelings, afraid to bring them meaningless trouble. So, pain, endure.

We always live in other people’s world, let this already bruise body again bruise, t

hen, we desperately endure, again pain also can not speak, even if only furrows the brow.

So, learned to use the so-called “strong” camouflage poor themselves.

Hence the imperturbable indifference of pretending to do anything,

or the smirk of a face ready to beat. These days, who doesn’t walk the earth with a box of masks?

However, when the night, you do not break that heart, layer by layer,

carefully counted today added a few scars.

The really painful people, but behind the smiling face, flow other people can not know the tears,

in the life we laugh than everyone happy, but when all the people leave, we than everyone lonely.

But we’re just human babies, and we need some breathing time. So if it hurts, cry it out!


In the way of growth, one day, we will not suddenly find that we lost the ability to wail,

you said, is this a great sadness?


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