The years are numbered

The years passage of time – the years have become years

When it dies, too late to appreciate the scenery along the way,

has been in a hurry from casual footsteps passing years, from the fingers gently slip,

from frequency wisps of white hair loss, loss from experience ups and downs in the perplexity in forty,

but has become a dusty memory, have quietly and is fifty years old, before you know it,

has passed half of life journey, idle away one’s, life and painted a rings, whether complete,

has become a grey smoke in the past, new rings in sight, never erase, quietly face,

traces all the way, and a new journey.

Year old of age, old people, along with the change of time,

the vicissitudes of interpersonal indifference, frustration, which,

accompanied by all the way, feeling, and loved ones to leave, a child’s growth,

mature mood calm, life mission as a time of life, the more is the reflection of life, anyway,

all the way scenery, still is still yearning for life, the pursuit of constantly. Age,

attitude of life, different circumstances, different environment, different stages,

with different interpretation and understanding of the road, mature steps, but also feel gratified.

The experience from young and astringent years to mature, in addition to its own cultivation,

has the time to polish, the years forging is essential.

The years let me learn the world to be with the world, even if facing the world sorrowful,

the human heart is hard to predict, also no longer cynical, complainingly person,

because understand existence is reasonable, do not sedulously cater to others,

lead oneself best, everything let nature take its course. For those who are powerless to change,

to accept as much as possible, to adapt to, but also not intentional,

powerless to change themselves, then all by fate, the road, the dust, stumbling,

calm mind, know what is life, what is fate. Without passion and impulse,

I also let my heart be still. It is good to write down my experience and inspiration at my desk.

Although I am sometimes a little worldly, it is also the complexity of the world.

Mixed in the world of vanity, also slowly learned to compromise, no longer competitive,

from muddled juvenile sharp edges and corners to become mellow and flexible,

also happy to know the fate, easygoing many.

The passage of time, the world is aware of the cold and warm, human and social,

interpersonal communication, gradually know to grasp themselves,

but also more leisurely way of doing things. Red dust, the material desire flow,

in the numerous attractive god and ecstasy temptation, has been able to calm and self-possession,

indifferent to the face, will not be unable to go with the ups and downs,

the heart is no longer restlessness, age let me so, just a smile and passed.

I learned to be tolerant of everything. I learned to practice the wisdom of accepting everything,

and without losing my understanding of things.

Although I can’t help the world, I can be independent and not confused.

Years of training, learned to bear, the responsibility of the family,

but also learned self-healing and wound healing. Do yourself, no longer rely on others,

in the face of setbacks, not shirk responsibility, no longer find excuses for yourself,

no longer count on others for yourself from the rain,

just want to have belongs to own a piece of blue sky, also learn to independent and strong,

even if has a cold, betrayal, injustice, also just know, to learn in their own world,

no one in the corner of healing myself, learned in front of others, still elegant smile,

this mindset, not an artificial, just in the face of all mature,

believe that there must be a rainbow after the rain, the world of others again good,

you are just passing through and bystanders, Learn to let others value your unique landscape,

even a little bit, is also a comfort and satisfaction of the soul.

The years pass in a hurry, but also learned to choose and give up,

in the complex things, learned to clarify what is the Lord, what is the second,

which is the light, which is the heavy, neither think of high, also do not drift with the current,

want to live out of oneself, treat oneself to pass through each day and night.

Being open-minded and grateful is also a state of mind. If you persist for a long time,

you will complain less and care less, bear more responsibilities,

and know how to control yourself and treat yourself well.

One year old age one year person, one year old heart, time polish mature heart.

Time like water, the hardships of life, rough, joy and sorrow, bosom DongQingChu,

hard to avoid in a few lines of sigh sigh a naked, happy, when you come, drink blood boiling,

the dust settles, all to unconsciously, deeper and deeper understanding of life and comprehension,

also have their respective end-result of understanding and comprehension.

Time away the beauty, but bring us the charm of maturity; Dust bleak appearance,

but will be a wisdom and calm infiltration in the heart. Every experience,

is a growth, bun, float world changes in temperature, the vicissitudes of the past,

were winking, exhaustion of body always has a kind of release of the soul, to vent emotions,

flower heart, years static good, still waters run deep, good if water,

on the road of life, a long and bumpy, sometimes is tottering, and the seeds of a happy,

is the result of simple carefree heart, trouble, is the dust float to fall,

just casual falling but go to, tired, crying, hurt, just calm down,

let the heart to bask in the sun, through air, light, moldy mood will disappear,

it is not very good!

the years

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