Good face cream, boyfriend in college entrance examination💖

Face cream Good face cream, boyfriend in college entrance examination💖

Slow skin aging, the first to know the cause of aging – genetic aging, environmental aging, behavioral aging.

Anti-old countermeasure in protecting skin: prevent bask in, fight oxidation, protect wet, fight phlogistic, repair, promote new life.

Aunt rabbit after 25 years of age, the first bottle of a lady’s care products, a million buy sisley almighty lotion, not more than empty bottles.

At that time, it was still a big oil skin. Most of the products suitable for this age were too greasy and heavy, and some of them were too light and thin to moisturize. Sisley versatile lotion was just right for me.

All-purpose lotion is suitable for young muscle and light muscle. Before, I was curious about why it is called all-purpose lotion.

The core component, centaurus, repairs and promotes cell regeneration. Valuable plants like ginseng are good antioxidants, some slow the aging process, some slow it down.

In this bottle, it has antioxidant, moisturizing, soothing, repairing and rejuvenating!

The biggest feeling is that skin water and oil balance, skin care products are more easily absorbed by the skin, the skin is not easily stimulated pan-red.

Recently, sisley anti-aging cream and eye and lip cream (anti-wrinkle, repair and anti-aging series) have been planted. It is said that sisley exclusive anti-aging technology has been applied to improve skin problems caused by gene aging (natural aging), environmental aging (ultraviolet rays, dry environment), and behavioral aging (staying up late and having irregular sleep patterns).

Used a feeling also pretty good! Autumn and winter are great!

The texture of face cream and eye and lip cream is very close. After being applied, you can feel the texture is very delicate and smooth, with a light fragrance of plants. Very good moisture, no oily feeling, easy to be absorbed by the skin.

This Sisley eye and lip cream zhang shaohan recommended!

Standard massage gold bars are very practical to help skin care ingredients more easily absorbed

I’m using it more often than a beauty machine! Introduction said mainly used in the eye and lip week, I actually use other parts of the use, very convenient!

Before applying this anti-aging eye cream and face cream, massage the eye and lip weeks with a small gold stick.

Focus on eye massage (for eyelid droop, dark circles), upper part of nasolabial groove (for statutory pattern), and around the lip (for mouth droop, puppet pattern).

The small gold bar roller is more effective than manual operation and does not pull the skin while moving.

If you have other products on hand, you can also look online for a small rolling stick.

Usually face the computer for a long time, with excessive use of the eye, I in a few points a little pressure massage, can feel the acid swelling feeling, massage more comfortable ~

The eye is easy swollen or black eye circle can try, the effect is very good!

After using for a while I found that the eyelid tightness has improved, the double eyelid unexpectedly changed significantly!

If your skin is already showing obvious signs of sagging and aging, use a radiofrequency and micro-current beauty meter (from which you’ve taken notes), or take a more professional approach to beauty.

A few days to write an elite comparison test, remember to look at ~

Heisley use face cream anti-old face cream recommended to start using face cream unlimited repurchase skin care anti-old eye cream which effective double 11 buy what skin care first aid black technology skin care industry black technology my skin care daily new product grab the first amway one skin care products my eye cream evaluation

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