A recent refresh foreign TV series film🔥

Check out the latest refresh foreign TV series and films of the year are here

1 ⃣ name then


From beginning to end, the lines and pictures are wide and wide,

but the women inside are sincere beauty, and the clothes are relatively gorgeous.

The plot twists and turns, seeing a group of women intrigue.

Now that season two has come out, it’s a very hot story of the in-fighting,

But honestly it’s not dirty at all

2 ⃣ to slave



Look at the passion between the little sheep woman master and the overlord President.

Six episodes in total. Get on the bus, the old driver.


3 ⃣ queen in the wind


Because the number of episodes is a bit too many,

I will start to watch TV series when I have free time. Blockbuster movies are visual sense.

I am attracted by the beauty of the heroine

4 ⃣ brother too love me

Self love

After watching the movie version, now I have found the TV version again.

The TV version has 5 episodes, and the film is too cool to be famous.

I like this song so much

5 ⃣ lust

Self love:🌟🌟🌟

Tang wei’s famous movie, Tony leung was really handsome when he was young,

and now he is also very handsome… The point is that the scale is big enough to catch the eye

6 series ⃣ 50 degrees

Self love:🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

The 50 degree series is really a movie I don’t want to recommend anymore SM you know,

it’s a lot of scale you know, the first time I saw it was for BGM, music was really, really exciting

7 ⃣ kamakura tale

Self love:🌟🌟🌟
Recently was this movie crazy refresh, is also prepare which day idle to come down to see again, write down first, hehe hehe

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