Don’t throw⚠️ away your lipstick after use.

Don’t throw⚠ away your lipstick after use.

This is Cockney for MAC and this is one I bought earlier this year and

I didn’t expect to see the bottom so quickly so I love it so much with the

aqua flash that’s pretty good to look at everyday no matter without makeup or

makeup you can hold it and take it apart and see how many there arelipstick

Figure 2. This is what all the lipstick looks like with one pointed tip left. This is my marklipstick

1 ️  put lipstick all turned back Or you will get

2 ️  circle the figure 2 white box that part of that tall and straight down into three figure like that

Emmm my not very good pull makes me a lot of strength little fairies can try your good pull

In front of the high-energy warning note that this is not drill ‼

3 ️  lipstick at this time in the bottom of the pipe (figure 4) pay attention to the package on paper towels and dumps is not hard not to come out at this point you can jump a Duan Di And then thrown out The plastic case at the bottom I swabbed out easily

4 ️ ⃣ small torrey into tissues don’t fill or at the bottom of the  off easily

Small five ️ ⃣ tucked lipstick The way to remove the small according to the back Is complete!

That’s the end of it. There’s a whole bunch more lipstick

The pictures are all apple photos and the method is a good way to share them together from the red book

lipstick lipstick lipstick


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