to see this is enough, screen bully friend circle wedding dress so choose

Wedding dress design screen bully friend circle wedding dress so choose

The wedding dress had been on and off for two years, with a month’s homework and a friend’s experience, and the virgo finally decided to Muse Marry.

🔸One is that the brand and style are relatively complete, such as vera wang and pronovias. Niche Mira Zwillinger, Birenzweig, etc

🔺The advantage that design is much depends on marriage gauze,

dress can be done in same store, such convenient discount still can be bigger.

🔸Secondly, I really like the environment of light luxury and luxury marble,

and every bride who tries yarn will have a professional photographer to take photos.

I would like to take photos in it for three days and three nights! For me, the yarn test,

which is very tired, is a kind of enjoyment here. When the yarn is tired,

the bar in the shop will also provide you with drink menu,

sit on the sofa and have a drink while resting,

and the dressmaker will continue to offer you advice.

🔸Third, dress professional. Because I’m a very impatient person, t

he wedding dress kind of dazzling things to me really too crash.

When I went there that day,

the dress master first asked me to look through the styles on the ipad,

and then communicated with me and selected some styles for me according to my preferences.

Finally, I just selected the styles directly from the ipad.

🔺Dress designers who understand your preferences and give you the right advice

depending on your situation can really make the process a lot easier! Of course,

before this, you should think clearly about these points,

and it is more convenient to communicate with the dressers:

Your budget

Know your body shape

The a-line wedding dress fits A pear or an h-shape with narrow shoulders.

Almost no body in the shape of a padded skirt;

An hourglass shape for a fishtail; If the arms are thick,

choose long yarn and elegant sleeves.

The best choice for full upper body design is simple lower hem princess style dress;

The upper body is as flat as mine.

You can choose the upper body design like figure 1 to figure 4,

which looks more upright.

There is no place to see or hide.

What’s your wedding style

Wedding dress besides conservative white,

resemble pearl white can compare temperament,

weak aureate can be more costly expensive gas.

4. The process of the wedding should be clear,

and determine the number of wedding dresses you need.

🔸In addition, my personal feeling is to choose a wedding dress not too famous advertising money,

because everyone wants to wear, the rate of impact is very high;

Black hair like me on the hair style is simple,

too much flower show soil instead;

Wedding dress must try must try! After trying it out,

I found out whether it was suitable or not.

One of my favorite upper body effects was actually the worst

Choosing the right place to try on a wedding dress can really make people feel happy.

At that time, I felt like crying a little bit. I dreamed of a lawn wedding,

a luxurious dinner party, and I dreamed of having a child.

Compared to the wedding reception with lots of wine around,

I think it is more like a lover quietly realizing the dream of a princess for you💓

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