These five TOM FORD BOYS&GIRLS series💄

Lipstick control-I received a gift from TOM FORD before going abroad💄

Beauty breaks my heart🍒🍭🍿

I received a gift from TOM FORD before going abroad🎁

The year holiday stinks, eat and drink the lipstick to control💋 ~

How can I forget my mission

Just 5 lipstick, all left to themselves ha ha ~

I painted my sister several colors during the trip

After half a month, she fell in love with me

Imagine 50 colors to capture the hearts of your girlfriends✨💫

The 50 GIRLS series, as the name implies, have 50 colors

💄Using the names of 50 wonderful women around the world

To name each lipstick

Since then, this series has given more interest to beautiful girls

🎀None of the five of Ben’s stroked

See the mood of blind which spending door can choose to want to take ✌

Moisten the long line to praise ~ roar

Completely don’t have to worry about frequent makeup brings peeling of the skin of the detonation of embarrassing ✔

🔮EMMA # 24

Line with the color white 2 degrees, the mood is beautiful

After the mouth more clearly rose red department of tenderness

For the peach blossom disposition of male ✔

Each year one does💋 not accept the refutation ~

🔮GRACE # 22

The peach🍑 is light pink and moist

Let whole makeup look very clean ✔

Do not dazzle, do not contend in favour, makeup job + cent

🔮GALA 16 #

Orange, thick film can show the lips more nifty ✔

Age – reducing nifty makeup look without eyeliner

I can hold it


Encounter big red often aura immediately soared ✔

Can be dizzy catch a drop to the outside of cheekbone to do cheek is red

The role of the mischievous girl turns temperamental party

No problem of certain ~ has ️

25 QiuTianDeGongYingGaiShiZheYangDe 🔮NAOMI

Red sauce mixed with fruit ✔

Makeup look had a sense of ritual imperceptibly

Cool Girl’s smoke must accompany

You’ll be the trendiest little sister in the crowd

🎀It is said that none of the girls’ lipstick can be used up

The 50GIRLS collection is a mini model that comes with ease

Set a small goal

Can let me meet run out of the desire of the bottom ✌

lipstick control

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