The new fashion of ZARA brand new | is handsome and stylish. Let’s make a cool girl together in autumn and winter.

ZARA Are you sure you can’t come to the new clothes fitting room of brand

👀Presented by the neutral wind willfulness agile image and simple and convenient wearing feeling,

is my daily super like the dress, it is also fashion trends in a popular style 🔝will never be the fever

such as shirt, jeans, trousers, etc with a neutral element design, are very suitable for you don’t want

to wear too feminine, or want to relax when you go out😏, this issue again in ZARA chop my hands

a lot, I love the neutral element of sheet is tasted, can’t help but to recommend to you:

🔸Corduroy jacket-ZARA

I really like der😍, the corduroy fabric is retro and fashionable, and the classic red and blue color

scheme is young and energetic. Therefore, a jacket with a design sense, with a simple T-shirt and

jeans inside, and a pair of boots with the same neutral wind, is very feel! 👏

🔹Green plaid skirt-ZARA

The classic plaid skirt, especially chosen for the niche and white dark green, is a friendly blend of a

variety of clean colors with a simple black mohair sweater😚 and brock vintage shoes. I think the

return rate will be high😏!

🔸Fake two shirts-ZARA

Hoodies and classic shirts collide, and they are a special and everyday street wear. You can go

casual with leggings and ankle boots. You can go with a smart, powerful woman😎

🔹Cardigan coat-ZARA

Super high repetition rate of black and white color matching cardigan jacket, like figure 4 interior

pattern dress can be fine Korean department of small women style; Match the print dress of picture

5, also can restore ancient ways fashionable. Paired with the Martin boot, it can also return to the

cool neutral wind in a second🤓

🔸A black and white shirt-ZARA

Classic black and white colours plus irregular design pocket, stitching on leather fabric again, the

whole clothes really too special ‼ seems to just won’t go wrong, recommended with jeans or skirt,

contracted and fashionable.

🔹Neutral vintage pocket shirts-ZARA

A shirt that is suitable for both inside and outside. The blue color of haze is very special. Simple and


🔸Long red shirts-ZARA

The fabric of this dress simply doesn’t feel too comfortable! To help you with, can match boots, also

can match jeans and boots, Martin niang MAN two styles random switching ☺

✔✔✔Finally, here’s a tip for a more versatile look. Try something like a hat, sock, or watch

accessory. This time, my watch also works well. If I think the digital watch is too mature, then this

kind of student style and leisure watch is very daily👀

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