Don’t buy zuma long, this day department small crowd perfume even straight male all boast!

Dian dian Fragrance is known as the zuma long of Japan

Dian dian Fragrance is known as the zuma long of Japan

The packaging features Japanese environmental protection design

Go of day fastens contracted sex cold wind

It’s about the same time as zuma long

Like four or five hours and no flavor

The price is much friendlier than zuma’s

10ml of tube is only 60 or more

Convenient to carry in the bag at any time filling incense

100 ml of dress is only 200 ➕, big bottle of higher cost performance!

I got five flavors:

1⃣ Champagne Champagne

Planted grass drops with amaryllis sauce

The smell of champaign before adjustment is evanescent

The end adjustment precipitates down the uha grape jelly flavor!

It smells great! I’m going into a bottle!

2⃣ Olive Vodka Olive Vodka

Lemon is mixed with soap

A normal taste

Not smelly or unusual

3⃣ Fresh Pear Fresh Pear

A fresh, juicy pear

Sweet but not greasy, spray on the instant aging

That’s the kind of guy that straight guys like to brag about

Like the sweet and fruity duck!

4⃣ mixed mystery Mysterious Mix

Chinese medicine mixed with powder and powder

Look at the description I thought is that kind of aggressive flavor!

I was looking forward to this one!

Smell on the dizziness, bad smell to the corona

5️⃣litchi Sugar sweet Lychee

There is a smell of washing liquid on the front

Said the good girl xiang

After the touch of litchi flavor is still broad

Sorry to rush this forward tone, this one I really can’t love

Personal preference order:

Champagne > olive vodka > fresh pear > sweet lychee > mystery mix

Ps: perfume is too personal ~ above is just my personal feeling

Go to work the perfume that suits to use most spring summer perfume to plant a grass autumn winter season perfume to recommend appointment careful machine student party also can enter cheap sex perfume straight male say good girl heart Fried crack sweet and lovely girl sweet home small crowd sweet atmosphere happy feeling small crowd sweet atmosphere

Dian Dian Dian

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