This is what girls are supposed to be like💌

Girls should be beautiful and make money and be good

1💌Don’t take the time to hate someone

2💌Try to make money instead of trying to save money.

3💌You can disagree, but you must learn to respect.

4💌If you don’t like your present job, either quit or shut up. (personal experience)

5💌Appreciate others from your heart, even if it is difficult.

6💌Don’t waste your weekend sleeping.

7💌Don’t think that having a rich man means having everything. Young girls in the world, as much as the container of coke, drink it does not matter.

8💌No matter how angry you are, you don’t yell. Keep calm at all times

9💌Surround yourself with interesting people and do interesting things

10💌Speak less and do more, can stand not to sit, proper motion.

11💌Money is important, but you can’t rely on a man or a parent.

12💌When you can’t decide, let time help you decide if you still can’t decide. I would rather make mistakes than regret!

13💌When you don’t violate the principle, you should be tolerant to others and help them if you can. You should never force people out of your life. You should leave others a way behind and appreciate others from your heart, even though it is very difficult in many cases.

14💌Spend your time wisely. Plan what you should do throughout the day.

15💌Even if you lose everything, don’t lose the smile.

16💌Let bygones be bygones. Let bygones be bygones.

17💌Be a cultured girl. Be polite and cultured.

💞Good fairy, please!


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