westlink fitting room | double tenth of a down jacket woolen cloth coat has been arranged on the ~

shopping-The down coat for double eleven has been arranged

Huangting square opened a new home west meet westlink, the road past stroll down,

on a lot of autumn winter warm clothing, I really want to ask the old swan,

shenzhen exactly when can enter winter success?😫

I tried several pairs of them and Shared some ideas for them. Guess what I bought🤨

I’m 169cm, 48kg, m for top, s for bottom, and L for outer

— — — — — — — — — — –

🌸Look1: warm colouring

The coats and skirts are suede and feel super comfortable,

and yellow is an irresistible color to wear out like a little sun!

Let’s see how cute we are with the Martin boots!! It was also very light and soft,

completely breaking my impression that Martin boots were “too hard to wear.

🌸Look2: pretending to be gentle collegiate

Into can attack back can defend of a set,

the sweater put down only to reveal a little skirt edge is temperamental little sister,

plunge into the skirt to change into high heels can go out trampoline ha ha!

These black socks and boots are very slim! Rough heel walk also not tired ~

🌸Look3: a motorcycle coat can also be balanced by a mother man

This pink motorcycle jacket is so beautiful!!! Suggest every girl have one! No man like black,

the pink and pink meat is too cute!!!

🌸Look4: warm brand down jacket

The baby who wants to buy the down jacket come to see quickly, this goose yellow down jacket is

really too white! I tried it on and sweated.

It’s too hot in shenzhen, but the northern ones should be able to wear it!

The suede plaid skirt in BTW is also very beautiful and I like it very much🤓

🌸Look5: athleisure

It’s cool to wear a matching color sweater and a shirt underneath.

Corduroy wide-leg pants are recommended, super warm! Show leg length also won’t bloat,

match all sorts of sweater and sweater is very good-looking ~

🌸Look6: a straight man’s duffel coat

I have been addicted to all kinds of green recently,

so I couldn’t move my eyes when I saw this dark green dress. The shape is slim and the waist line is

very good! It would look great with a woollen overcoat!

— — — — — — — — — —

Happy double eleven shopping! Ha, ha, ha, ha

shopping shopping shopping shopping shopping shopping

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