Pure dry goods 💁🏻‍♀️100 yuan or so high appearance level wine 🍾girl party birthday gift first choice💗

Pure dry goods about 100 yuan high appearance level of wine

One day a year, the double 11 is coming,

thinking about what amway can give you and what you can rob🍾🥂🍷

I consider myself to be a very average drinker..

Since the first time I drank the sparkling wine given by my friend,

I really fell in love with super tasty! And it’s not easy to get drunk.

People like me can also drink more and start to try various kinds of wines😂

1⃣ ️ MEOW pink sparkling wine champagne (push)

The first pink 💗 bite feels like a soda.

The taste is very sweet and delicious

2⃣ ️ Fumees sauvignon blanc dry white wine

Open on the strong fruit flavor attracted by the flavor entrance slightly sour ~

dinner time open a bottle of very beautiful ~

like dry white must try

3⃣ ️ VDN French white wines and alcohol (a)

A bottle that has been completely conquered is designed to look good.

Pure wine has a sweet taste

4⃣ ️ Hungary TOKAJ white wine (date gift giving the best)

Just before her birthday,

a foreign friend said that she liked to drink white wine,

so she chose this bottle for her. She brought her own high appearance level,

haze blue packaging wine and cake

5⃣🍍 capela pineapple coconut milk cocktail

6⃣☕capela vanilla latte

These two drinks are made to taste novel and

may be a little strange😂 to drink with coconut water or milk

Have tried water for everyone to feel better with milk

by (milk) 2:1 ratio (wine) good to stop the sweet pineapple has vodka flavor!

The collision of coffee milk and alcohol is wonderful. Alcohol is sweet but not greasy

The above wine is better to drink with ice.🙂

All of these are perfect for drinking with friends at a date dinner or for giving gifts🌝🌝

🐰Animal bottle stopper 25 yuan a super delicate!

The proposal must buy one! Wine can be stored until it is drunk

🌈Rainbow glasses for these wine together to buy

a complete set of hahaha real better see the circle of friends by many people asked ~

After the recommendation,🙏🏻

what kind of sweet wine can you tell me in the comments


Pure dry

Pure dry Pure dry Pure dry Pure dry Pure dry Pure dry

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