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Self management top 10 life college girls’ growth path must be read

From graduation to now “in several positions”, along the way, the most experienced is to understand self-management, can really improve efficiency. Efficiency = money = value = more possibilities. Here are 10 tips to help you out today.

1⃣ get into the habit of taking notes and summarizing

The more you climb, the more changes you’ll find around you. Keep a pocket-sized notebook, write it down during the day, summarize it before bed, and stick to it for 30 days.

2⃣don’t be greedy, only do one thing a time

I want to watch TV while having dinner, feel guilty and want to learn while watching TV, and feel great pressure to play with my phone when studying The day was wasted. Focus on what needs to be done. The more you think of a time node all the arrows, nothing can be done.

3⃣ plan for yourself

Plans can’t keep up with change, but with a plan, you can do anything. You can schedule your own time each month in addition to your regular routine. Do it for a whole month, then a week, then a day.

4⃣mind map is a good thing

What about running a project from one chore to the next? Mind mapping saves you. In order to facilitate everyone’s usage habit, I recommend an APP of mind mapping on the theme, all in figure 3.

5⃣take up also want to put down

No matter what glory you have achieved in the past or what misfortune you have experienced, you need to let go of the past in the present to pick up the present and see the future.

6⃣ don’t stay up late, I will be dead

In a previous study, scientists from the United Kingdom compared a person’s face with that of a person who slept six hours a night a week to eight hours a night.

Staying up late is really a slow suicide, if not a necessity, can sleep 8 hours to maintain well.

7⃣continuous movement is life

Before and after the movement contrast, has the feeling which like two people. Many people envy my body and skin, but they don’t realize that my exercise takes up about half of the time every week.

8⃣reading give guide to life

Life has many annoyances and countless temptations. Entering the society, the experience of other people’s mouth does some reference at most, but the knowledge that deposits in the book, it is wisdom crystallization. Read more books as you go along.

9⃣ to go out to broaden your horizons

The eighth article is not to advise you to “be based on books”, but to give you the guidance to practice. Some people are like a walking library, but they don’t know how to use it. To make an analogy, a book is a treasure map, the ultimate treasure, or whether or not to do.

1⃣0⃣ maintain independent personality

In a forest, it’s easy to live at the same level as everyone else, but easy to be mediocre. The wood shows in the forest, but the wind will destroy it; the wood conceals in the forest, it will be gone. So what’s the height to hold? It’s all in your heart.

Knowing this won’t raise your annual bonus any time soon, but it will keep you from making the wrong moves in your life.

Self management

Self management Self management Self management Self management Self management

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