Homemade versatile sichuan pickle recipe! Winter crisp pickles!

Homemade versatile sichuan pickle recipe! Winter crisp pickles!

Pickles made many times, last time made pickles have friends asked me other pickles methods,

now is the best pickles, quickly for everyone on the tutorial code!!

The combination of sweet, sour and spicy tastes is so delicious and crisp!

I strongly suggest that we marinate the garlic moss and cowpeas, which are unexpectedly delicious!


🎀 ingredients🎀

Cabbage, carrot, white radish, celery, lettuce, cucumber, ginger,

cowpea, garlic moss, millet and hangzhou pepper

(you can also choose your favorite ingredients)

👏A total of 3 1.5l and 1 1L bottles were filled with all the ingredients

👏The amount of seasoning mentioned in the following recipe is the amount of these bottles above.

If you make 2L, you can reduce the amount of seasoning by about 2.5 times



1⃣wash all the ingredients and cut. Then marinate the cabbage, lettuce,

carrot and radish with 4 tablespoons of salt for half an hour,

then rinse with clean water to drain the excess water.

And then put all the ingredients to dry for more than 2 hours

(❣ I bask in the 1 day, water off is the same as the food outside, burned more brittle and easier to save ❣ )

2⃣2.5 L water to join the cinnamon 20 g, 15 g star anise, geranyl 8 slices,

Chinese prickly ash 5 g, 40 g sugar, turn the fire boil over low heat for 20 minutes.

Then let it cool. Add 8 tablespoons salt and stir until dissolved.

(average 1 liter of pickle water plus 4 teaspoons of salt)

3⃣glass bottle control after dry clean water, add the ingredients, add the ingredients,

then add water to the full pickle, add 100 ml water, of wild 4 tablespoons of white wine,

then fermented with cover seal the shade.

(add wild mountain pepper water to accelerate the fermentation process,

equivalent to the water lead of old jar pickle)


❣ kimchi eating time: ❣

This bubble two days can be eaten, sweet and sour degree is very good.

If you can’t finish the first two or three days, wait until 21 days after fermentation.

Nitrites in kimchi can be minimized after 20 days. Be careful not to open the lid during the curing,

which will enter the air, which is not conducive to the reduction of nitrite content.

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