Ultimate boss Wendy

Startup time – Wendy became the last hot spot,Song yi is the last woman

🌟Wendy became the biggest winner of the whole drama.

She not only slept with👦 both of them, but also married with the third one👦.

Finally, Wendy realized her dream and became a rich man and a person of status.

✊Vanity  Wendy from small place, let she can’t and that blue do real friends. Day after day of jittery,

finally Wendy also had their own happy ending, finally had the opportunity to be equal to the blue.

⚡ Jin Zhengbang for interests of the family, for the guarantee of jincheng,

need a can help his assets under management, at the right moment Wendy left after los,

Kim do financial advisers. Kim appreciated Wendy’s ability, he knew what Wendy wanted,

so he approached her, and they made a deal:

Wendy would manage the family’s $30 billion fund on her behalf,

and after three years give her $600 million plus shares in exchange for marrying golden city.

You can divorce after three years and have a lot of money.

☁ actually Wendy had hesitated, but when she went to see the former boyfriend after lowe,

eventually agreed Jin Zhengbang conditions. She knew she and rowy couldn’t get back.

🎅Finally she wrote to naulan to show off: “I want to tell you, I am rich now, I finally like you,

we can be friends. Her heart was mixed. Wendy had won on the surface.

She had got what she wanted most. But now that I have made a choice, I must go on laughing.

Startup time Startup time

Startup time Startup time Startup time Startup time Startup time

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