Give yourself and your boyfriend a unique wallpaper💗 Super detailed and easy to get!! ️ refuse to be monotonous

unique wallpaper without emoji can also get super cute wallpaper!


This love wallpaper seems to have been on the little red book for a long time.🤔

So today is a wind

Share with you how to make a unique wallpaper!! ️

The step picture is marked in order to make it easier for everyone to get the text in the description:

1️⃣Use B612 to find the sticker self-timer🤳

2️⃣picsart Meiyi:

1. Tools → Free Clip Select the brush and apply the shadow to the area to be painted. If there is more rubber, you can erase it.

2. Click Save and the sticker will be saved to me.

3. After the pictures are finished, reopen the US, first select the background, modify the color you like, adjust the ratio here! ! ! ! The top small box has 1:1 and 3:4, and is usually set to 3:4. Determine the color of the scale and background and then add the sticker (the picture you own)

[Some babies say they won’t take pictures, I have updated them again, and everyone looks at them carefully. I don’t understand the comments.

3️⃣ Meitu Xiuxiu: Graffiti pens and stickers Graffiti pens can outline the borders

Then the simple and loved wallpaper ➕ chat background is complete! 🙆🏻‍♂️Oh, and it’s still unique! In short, take a picture for 3 minutes, p chart for an hour. Let’s take a picture!


unique unique unique unique unique



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